Why Nutrition is a necessity?

Nutrition known by different names such as nutrition and ailments. It can be defined as a constant supply of food and other materials that are necessary for a person to stay alive. It is necessary for every cell of the body of an animal or plant. For a healthy and strong body, you need nutrition. The diet you take that contain balanced nutrients means the right quantity. For proper body needs the right fuel (nutrition) and that comes from a healthy and balanced diet. A nutritious diet will prevent you from any kind of disability. Just imagine your body as a machine and food as its fuel. Without proper supply of fuel, how machines work , So, to drive the machine properly, acquire healthy eating habits.

Benefits of proper nutrition
• It gives energy to the body and energy to perform tasks efficiently.
• It makes your body healthy and not overweight.
• Resistance to the body a boost and you prevent disease.
• Aging factor is reduced.
• You feel active and energetic even in old age.
• Tiredness and fatigue is removed, and you feel fresh most of the time.

A proper nutrition is very important for all individuals, but especially for children. It is necessary for proper growth and development. Good nutrition in the early stages will promote good health in the adult age. Generally, children still deprived of nutrients are prone to serious and chronic health conditions. The privacy of children is usually not that much strong and hence they are vulnerable to disease. If you are providing the proper nutrients your child, it will contribute to ease.

There are two types of nutrients that are used in the body namely nutrient and macro-nutrients. Both are equally important for the body but have a different role to play.  All these are the building blocks of the body.

Minerals and vitamins fall under the category of trace elements. These are also essential for normal functioning of the body. Potassium, zinc, iron, sodium, calcium, iodine, etc. are some of the important minerals. Vitamins are also required in tiny amounts for proper growth. All nutrients are isolated and lack any of this can lead to ill health.

In a nutshell, the human body is built in such a way that it requires each and nutrients in balanced form. A proper diet is the one that offers good health for people. Try to avoid junk food and incorporate fresh and healthy eating habits for wellness and nutrition.

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